On Food

I absolutely love, with every fiber of my being, food.

I love cooking, I love eating (!), I love sharing, hostessing, preparing, food shopping, making lists, scouring cookbooks and the internet for something that will tickle my fancy.

Above all else, as a cardinal rule in our kitchen and lives, we eat whole, real food.  We eat grass-fed, as local as possible meat and eggs.  There’s a preference for full fat and real ingredients to be kept cool in our fridge.  Our dry cabinets are stocked with beans, grains and 5 ingredient or less foods.

We are absolutely, positively, not perfect.  There are days when all we want are some cheesefries.  When the call of really awful, heavy “why did I even eat that” regretful foods are seared in our minds, only cured by indulgence.  Since those instances are so rare, they’re not a habit.  They linger on our minds only until our stomachs settle and we prepare the next meal together, side by side.

My food philosophy (a little dramatic, but it fits) started at a young age.  I was raised for more of my life than not, as macrobiotic.  I honestly and openly credit macrobiotics with my understanding for food and the way it effects us.  I am incredibly thankful for having a youth that consisted of oatmeal, vegetables, beans and one thousand different ways to learn to cook.  I never had a lick of dairy until I was in my teens, and was shocked to learn that cake came from a box in most households.

My diet changed throughout the years.  Macrobiotic, to vegetarian, to omnivore, back to vegetarian and now to today, where I have a whole foods approach to cooking (most of the time).  We don’t sit around eating brown rice, chanting ommmmm and reveling in the beauty of broccoli. We enjoy luscious, heavy, rich foods book ended with fresh fruits, vegetables and simplicity.

Basically you’ll find a whole bunch of everything regarding food here.  Some healthy, some an indulgence.  Some quick, some labor intensive.  But all made with Love.


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